About Us

Stan Lee holding up an All Heroes Comics shirt.
Stan Lee holding up an All Heroes Comics shirt.

Since being established in 1995, All Heroes Comics has specialized in the very best quality books at great rates. If you’re looking for a deal then you will find one in our 50ยข section that is over 20 long boxes wide. Want to know more? Check out The Store section of our site to see some pictures.

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Our Policies

Reserve Bags

Know what comics you like? Then set up a reserve bag so we know what comics to order for you. There are no minimum requirements for setting up a bag and you may add or remove at any time. To set up a reserve bag we simply need:

  1. Your name.
  2. A phone number.
  3. What comics you would like.


Discounts are available to all customers. You do not need to set up a reserve bag to receive a discount. Discounts are based off of total purchase and generally go up to 30%. Buy one book and you won’t receive a discount. Buy a couple and receive a couple bucks off. Going to splurge and buying a huge stack? You’ll be leaving happy.